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Your Home. Only Smarter.

Our professionals work with your architects, designers, builders, and everyone involved in the project to provide you with innovative and simple to use solutions.

Throughout all phases of the project we are committed to a high quality of work and service. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and we make sure that all possible foreseen problems are eliminated up front. We provide complete documentation, training, service and support on all systems we design and install.

Smart Automation

Automation or System Integration is the unification of subsystems within a home that are controlled through touch panels, keypads, PCs, or other easy to use interface devices. Typical subsystem integration includes lighting control, climate control, whole house audio/video, security, CCTV, access control, irrigation, and a variety of other systems.
Are you worried about the environment? Properly designed home automation systems are very green, significantly lowering energy costs and your carbon footprint.
Setting up all your home systems to work together can be a complex job, but that’s where our expertise comes in. Once we’ve set up your home, you can relax and just enjoy it.


Smart Audio & Video

Distributed audio is listening to an audio source (CD/DVD, iPod/MP3 player, stereo, PC, satellite radio, internet radio, music servers, etc.) in one room or multiple rooms, and/or the ability to listen to multiple sources in multiple rooms simultaneously. It is also commonly referred to as whole-house or multi-zone audio.
Owning a home video distribution system gives you many more possibilities than simply just watching TV. Integrating your Home Video System with your Control4 or Savant home automation system allows you or any member of your family to watch what they want when they want, even if it’s all different sources simultaneously.

Smart Lighting

Lighting control systems involve more than just lights. A well designed lighting control solution will leverage shading and drape options as well. A smart lighting control system from Synergy|AVI will help your home look its best, strengthen your security system, reduce energy costs, and, most importantly, make your busy life a little simpler. A Lutron, Control4 or Savant lighting control system gives you the ability to control multiple lights in any or all parts of your home simply by pressing a single button. When integrated with an automation system, it also gives you the power to create individual room scenes or whole house lighting scenes that you activate with a single button press - even remotely.


Smart Home Theatre

Synergy|AVI designs and install integrated media rooms and home theatre systems that you will be proud to show off. We work with you and your architect, interior designer, mill worker, and anyone else involved ensuring that the space is an acoustically advantageous environment for your system.
Do you enjoy a good movie? A Synergy|AVI home theatre installation can offer a better experience than going out. There are no crowds, no lines – the picture and sound are as good or better – and you can pause the action any time you want a snack!

Smart Safety & Security

By integrating with the leading brands in security cameras NVRs, smart locks and sensors, you can monitor your house 24x7 and be notified immediately if a door opens, the water heater leaks or if you left the garage door open

Synergy|AVI surveillance systems are designed from the bottom up to provide superior performance and seamless integration into your Control4 or Savant control system.


Smart Network, WIFI & Cellular

Planning for a solid network voice & data phone infrastructure is essential with today’s emerging technologies. Whether you’ll be working out of your home office, running a small business from home, or just competing for WIFI with the kids, Synergya|AVI will help in identifying your needs for today, tomorrow and in the future. Although it is tempting to believe all your home network needs can be met with a WIFI solution that is not always the best route to take. Always hard wire a connection when possible. WIFI spectrum saturation and cellular dead zones are upon us and it takes a knowledgeable partner to navigate these challenges to provide high performing home networking - Synergy|AVI is here to guide you.

Smart Climate Control

Integrating your thermostats into an Savant or Control4 Home Automation system gives you complete Climate Control and allows you to easily manage your comfort level in any room of your home.
Control multiple temperature zones from a single location and simply program temperatures to adjust automatically throughout the day. Also, integrating your home’s HVAC system into a Climate Control system allows you to save on energy costs as well as improve your home’s efficiency. Climate Control is one of the easiest ways to make your home a more eco-friendly home and save on energy.


Smart Window Treatments

If you have an existing motorized window treatments or are planning to include these in your new home, we can help. Motorized shades allow for protection from harmful sun that will damage furniture, ruin artwork, create glare, and overwork your heating/cooling system. Most major shade manufacturers such as Lutron, QMotion and Mechoshade all provide for integration options into a Control4 or Savant Home Automation system. This can provide you with convenient access, enhanced aesthetics, reduced energy costs, and security benefits.

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